My Best Thing

Exactly four years ago today Chase proposed to me while hiking through Arches National park in Moab, Utah.  Chase is remarkable at many things and surprising me is definitely one of them.  While I was head-over-heels for the boy, marriage was something we had never discussed.  So you can imagine my astonishment when this handsome … More My Best Thing

Hurry Up and Wait

Do you ever feel like your world is spinning wildly around you?  You’re well aware that decisions need to be made yet you’re too busy to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, let alone ponder over the purpose of your life. Yup, us too. We happen to be experiencing those feelings at this exact … More Hurry Up and Wait

Gimme a Break

I pride myself on being someone who can suck the life out of a day.  Seriously.  Occasionally Chase and I will recount all we accomplish during 24 hours and marvel, “Can you believe we did all of those things?!”  While being productive is almost always a positive thing, I recently began to feel a bit … More Gimme a Break

In The Meantime

Welp, it’s the end of an era.  After six months off, Chase and myself have begun working again.  It’s been a huge change of pace but one that both of us were ready for.  We have been craving stability, something to do with our time, and a paycheck, of course.  It’s rewarding to have a … More In The Meantime

The Daily Grind

Before leaving the states Chase and myself felt as though we had fallen in a rut.  Each day was exactly the same as the one before; nothing new or exciting.  Our days looked like this: gym, shower, breakfast/coffee, walk Jakers, work, walk Jakers, dinner, one television show (sometimes), walk Jakers one last time, bed.  Then … More The Daily Grind