Born to Roam



For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to go.  It didn’t matter if it was to Africa or just down the street; as long as I was going, my heart was content.  Chase is persistent about keeping his body in motion.  From ultra running in Arkansas to climbing in Yosemite Valley, he just wants to continue moving forward.

Our souls collided during the summer of 2012 and the quote, ” As soon as I saw you , I knew a grand adventure was about to happen,” couldn’t have been more perfect.  Our relationship has been just that, a grand adventure.  From camping in small-town Arkansas, last minute weekend road trips to Chicago,  sauntering through the tall redwoods, or sliding down glaciers in Montana, we are never too far from our next endeavor.

Less than a year after meeting, we sold everything, moved into our vehicle, and took a road trip across the United States.  We quickly began calling ourselves “chameleons” because of our ability to adapt to the situations in which we found ourselves.  That trip led to our engagement and us living in Portland, OR for two years.  It was here we discovered our intense passion for long day hikes and developed our palates through exquisite local cuisine.

We had been back home in Arkansas for just under a year when the monotony of everyday life set in.  Rather than contentedness, both of us began to feel a sense of complacency and knew that it was time for another adventure. That feeling urged us to begin planning our latest journey which entails us backpacking throughout southeast Asia.  We are anxious to see how greatly we change and if we are able to adapt to what life throws at us from an entirely different country.