Sending Out an S.O.S. 

One year ago Chase and me were on a flight bound for Indonesia.  We had no itinerary, no set date to return, and absolutely no idea what we were in for.  In case there was any doubt, the “Foreigners” sign at the Shanghai airport made it very clear, we were in a completely different territory.  The rules, foods, sights, sounds, and smells all confirmed the obvious, we were foreigners here.  For those that haven’t experienced this, it’s a strange, scary, exciting feeling.  

I’ve recently learned one doesn’t have to be in a different country to feel out of place, lost, or like a foreigner.  I believe those feelings manifest when our hearts know we are meant for something else, even if our minds haven’t quite figured it out yet.  I’m currently in this situation and since there are no roadmaps to life, I’m finding it rather difficult to navigate my way out of it.  How does one pursue their passion if, (1) They don’t know what it is? (2) They have so many it’s troublesome to narrow them down? Basically, I’m lost.  While for many this may ensue an, “Imma bouta panick” moment, I’ll continue down every winding street and absorb the new sights, sounds, and faces until I’m finally headed in the right direction.  

“Which way do we go?”

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