Hurry Up and Wait

Do you ever feel like your world is spinning wildly around you?  You’re well aware that decisions need to be made yet you’re too busy to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, let alone ponder over the purpose of your life. Yup, us too. We happen to be experiencing those feelings at this exact moment and have been for quite some time.

Even though our backpacking excursion throughout southeast Asia has been over for about five months, we still find ourselves living out of our packs. We’ve been crashing with any friends or family members that would accept our crew; loading up our possessions the moment we find out someone will be out of town and needs us to house sit. (We are well aware you never needed us, but your kind gesture was appreciated.) While we are forever grateful for the folks who have welcomed us into their homes, we’ve begun feeling a bit weary. We have been living this way for almost a year and it has started taking its toll.

Multiple ideas have been discussed; several trips have been taken; numerous individuals have been spoken to. However, nothing has resonated with us, just yet.  We’ve considered Colorado, Montana, Utah, Fayetteville, Chattanooga, a tiny house (my personal fave) and something has held us back on each one.

Recently, we BOTH realized that we are no closer to a decision than when we were upon our arrival back into the States. Then, we became aware that this was because we haven’t been listening. We haven’t offered ourselves any time to be still, to think, to pray over ideas. So, we finally decided to chill just here in good ole Jonesboro, Arkansas for a bit. We got an apartment so we’ll have our very own space and not be as much of a burden on folks. This will allow us some time to mull over tiny house plans or drink a cup of coffee in nothing but our pjs and silence. It also provides us to more time with family and to witness the first year of our precious niece.

It would be incredibly easy to consider this a setback on our adventurous path and honestly, at first, I did. However, for us, sitting still and learning to listen and wait is much more challenging than packing up and seeing where the road takes us. I’m choosing to view it as a sign of maturity and the perfect excuse to love on Nova.

Nova and Jakers
The cuteness literally oozes out of her!

8 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Wait

  1. I love reading your posts! And seeing pictures of Nova and of course Jakers! Looks like your mom is enjoying retirement and I know loving on that sweet baby girl!!😊

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  2. This is great! You have a little niece you have the opportunity to watch grow for a while. And most importantly, you have time for yourselves to just be. Part of the adventure is Nova and stillness. You won’t regret this!

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