Gimme a Break

I pride myself on being someone who can suck the life out of a day.  Seriously.  Occasionally Chase and I will recount all we accomplish during 24 hours and marvel, “Can you believe we did all of those things?!”  While being productive is almost always a positive thing, I recently began to feel a bit weary, bogged down.  I noticed my infamous to-do list was getting longer and longer and that there was no satisfaction in crossing off tasks.  I also began to realize that certain items on my list were things that at one time I enjoyed doing.  “Walk the dog.  Hold your niece.  Bake cookies.  Visit family.  Call friends.”  Why, all of a sudden, did these activities become a chore, something to cross off a to-do list?  Why did they no longer bring me joy?  And I came to the conclusion that it was because I needed a break.  I needed time to be still, be silent, just be.

We jumped at the opportunity to spend a few days tucked away in a cozy cabin in Taylor, MS.  I felt the stress melt away the instant we arrived.  The entire weekend we listened to music, put together a puzzle, threw a frisbee, took naps, took walks, sipped our coffee on the porch, listened to the birds singing early in the morning, watched the bees buzz around the wildflowers.  We just existed, with no agenda; we took the day as it came and accepted everything it offered us.  We did things because we wanted to not because we felt as though we had to.  

This world we live in seems to only be getting busier.  Since it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, I’m learning that I have to.  I would hate to rush through this life and make it to the end thinking, “I wish that I would’ve paused to appreciate it for a second.”  I pray every single day that I find joy in the little things, I hope you do too.  

Family photo
Strolling with Jakers
Puzzle, wine, perfection

3 thoughts on “Gimme a Break

  1. PREACH! You are so articulate. I struggle with this too. More recently I’ve become convinced that productivity is not so positive- at least, it shouldn’t be our goal or our mindset. It’s the experiences, not the list, right?

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