In The Meantime

Welp, it’s the end of an era.  After six months off, Chase and myself have begun working again.  It’s been a huge change of pace but one that both of us were ready for.  We have been craving stability, something to do with our time, and a paycheck, of course.  It’s rewarding to have a purpose for each day and to begin putting money back INTO our bank account rather than the opposite.  Thankfully, we were offered positions in which we are able to work together.  (Like many of you, my pop doesn’t understand how we can spend so much time around one another either.) This position is one that neither of us have ever held before so it’s been interesting learning new skills and bouncing ideas off one another.  I’m grateful for this opportunity and anxious to see what we can accomplish together.

While it’s more just conversation rather than any real plans being made, there has definitely been talk of our next adventure.  Africa will forever be on my list until I finally get to take Chase there.  (Africa is one of those places that your heart never leaves even though you do. Or that was the case for me, anyway.) There’s also been mention of South America, specifically Patagonia. Have you ever looked up flicks of Patagonia?  If not, check out a few here.  Stunning, right? And we’re still talking about a long backpacking trip on one of the amazing trails in the States.  Neither of us have done any serious backpacking so that one would take a bit of training.

For now, we will be in Jonesboro until the end of summer, at least.  Then, we are planning to relocate and sit still for a minute in order to save some dollars. Sitting still doesn’t come too easy for us so this may be a bit of a challenge.  Our top three (at the moment) are Fayetteville, AR because of its close proximity to home; Utah because of the desert landscape and boundless outdoor recreational opportunities; and Montana because of the wide open spaces and the rugged, wild feel.  Those of you who know us are fully aware that we may not end up in any of those places but we still enjoy talking about it, nonetheless.  Feel free to visit wherever we land!

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