Trying to Feel at Home 

We’ve been back in the states for three weeks and I’m still trying to wrap my head around our adventure.  I haven’t sat still long enough to process our experiences and how much we have grown and changed.  We haven’t stopped moving since our arrival, falling right back into our crazy, yet routined lifestyle.  Several family dinners; multiple errands for various individuals; and most importantly, the birth of our precious niece, Nova.  Needless to say, our past few weeks have been incredibly busy ones!

Holding my niece for the first time.
Chase’s thoughts on being an uncle, “Oh gosh, I just realized I have responsibilities now!”

The first few family dinners we were peppered with various questions regarding our time abroad.  While they were patient enough to listen to our replies, we quickly realized most folks were more interested in the highlight reel and weren’t too concerned with what happened in between.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being curious about the most exciting parts….the elephants, dragons, orangutans, etc.  However, those in between moments were often times the most influential.  Our views on several ideas have changed and things that once seemed so important don’t even matter any more.  

Thaipusam in Singapore….where I realized I am not nearly as devoted to God as I should be.
Wet market in Cambodia….where I realized I don’t need that much protein after all.

I believe this is one of the reasons why the coming home portion of a trip is ultimately so difficult for travelers.  Upon our arrival it always feels as though everyone is completely different.  After a few trips overseas I finally realized that I was the whom had changed.  Again, I am realizing that I don’t quite fit into the life I had before.  This can be challenging however, this time around I am trying to embrace it.  It helps immensely that I have Chase to go through it with me.  We may be a little different than we were before we left home but we’ve got tons of stories to share and we would love to hear yours! 

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