New Changes Arriving Daily

At the beginning of our adventure I had every intention of continuing our healthy lifestyle.  Of course, our meals wouldn’t be weighed and measured and there would be a few more cheats than we were accustomed to.  We wouldn’t have access to all of the gym equipment but we would make do.  By week two, I had already realized how difficult a task this would be.  

Healthy food items were difficult to find and much more expensive than street food.  Gyms were sparse and the cities that actually had them, charged a pretty hefty day fee.  When you’re on such a limited budget, it’s hard to justify spending money on a gym.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe health and fitness are a fabulous investment however, when backpacking throughout foreign countries, your priorities begin to shift a bit.  

While both of these things (gym and food) were a daily struggle for me, I slowly began accepting our current situation.  I’m not going to say that it ever became easy but I did learn to appreciate the season of life we were in at the moment.  I still managed to squeeze in a daily workout, although I began to loathe our resistance bands.  They served their purpose however, there are only so many movements that can be done and after a few months of the same thing, I was desperate for a change.  Chase got bored of the bands long before I did so forcing myself out of bed to work out in our tiny hotel rooms while he slept or sipped on coffee became immensely difficult.  But I did it!

Through a small amount of research Chase found these things called, “fitness parks.”  Their name says it all, but located within the parks were small sections of fitness equipment.  We soon realized that almost every city we visited had one of these and began taking advantage of the free “gyms.”  We received several stares at each one because it was typically only the locals using the equipment, but we loved it.  It was great being able to participate in a cultural experience and visit with the local people.  We were even invited to join in on various games taking place.  The parks were beautiful and shaking up our boring workouts felt like such a treat!

While I’m still diligent about working out and eating healthy, this trip has lightened me up tremendously.  If I want to eat cake at a birthday party, I will and I’ll enjoy every bite.  If my body is telling me that I need a rest day, I’ll stop being stubborn and take it easy.  I am learning that moderation (in all things) is the key to succss.  I realized that even though I thought I was doing wonderful things for myself, I was going crazy in the process; feeling guilty for any tiny mishap.  So while I am continually working hard to be the best version of myself, I am now aware that not only involves my body, but my mind and heart, as well.  I’m excited for the “new” me and anticipate what is yet to come.  New changes arriving daily!

Below are a few flicks from our last fitness park workout in Singapore.

2 thoughts on “New Changes Arriving Daily

  1. Having a dynamic lifestyle, especially on the international move, really has me struggling with the same things. I keep trying to tell myself “it’ll be better when…” but all that leaves me is feeling chubby with a bandaid over my discontent. Anything is possible when you get dedicated to solutions. Thanks for the inspiration to keep dedicated to healthy living 🙂

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    1. I completely understand and loving myself fully is a daily challenge. I obviously feel better when I make healthy choices however, I’m learning to not beat myself up if I get off path a bit. Life’s a balance and it’s a lot more fun when you love yourself! Thanks for following!


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