A Bite of Southeast Asia

We have eaten copious amounts of tasty foods since we have been traveling.  We decided to compile a list of some of our favorites.  You’ll notice that most of them come from Thailand which shouldn’t surprise anyone.  The foods are in no particular order.

1. Pork or Chicken Satay – Indonesia.  Small chunks of meat cooked over smoky hot coals and drenched in peanut sauce.  These little sticks of meat are found everywhere however, our favorites were from Indonesia simply because of that delectable sauce!

You can’t go wrong with pork satay and peanut sauce.

2. Roti – Malaysia.
We will take it any way, shape, or form.

The breads, the sauces….love them all!

3. Sweet Potato Balls – Thailand. We had to get these little nuggets of goodness any time we saw someone selling them!   

When these come right out of the fryer…..life-changing good!

4. Khao Soi and Green Curry – Thailand.  I go for the Khao Soi and Chase goes for the Green Curry.  Chiang Mai has the Khao Soi perfected!

A bowl of goodness.

5. Sticky Rice – Thailand.
 Chase’s go-to snack.

The perfect snack on the go.

6. Mango Sticky Rice – Thailand.  
A delectable concoction of sticky rice, condensed milk, and fresh mango.

Does it get any better?!

7.  Cheap beer – Cambodia.  The foods didn’t really stand out in Cambodia however, their cheap drinks did!

Refreshing and cheap!

8. Fried wontons – Thailand. These are served alongside soups but my favorite way to eat them is plain or with a little chili sauce.  

I never tire of these guys.

9. Pork rinds – Thailand.
 I am aware that these can be found at home.  However, these were incredibly fresh and crispy.  These could be found all over Chiang Mai.

I’ll take this whole bag, please.

10.  “Cha Yen” aka Thai Tea – Thailand.
 This drink is the perfect accompaniment to a spicy Thai dish or to cool off on a hot day.  It’s really the perfect beverage for just about any reason.  
Perfect for any occasion!

11.  Bread – Everywhere. Bread shops have been in almost every country we have visited.  The items are cheap and delicious.  Chase was particularly fond of these little bakeries.  

12. Khao Man Gai – Thailand.
 How such a simple dish can be so savory and flavorful is a mystery.  Bangkok makes an amazing one but if you’re not in Southeast Asia, there is a joint in Portland (Nong’s Khao Man Gai) that serves up a plate of perfection.  

Chicken and rice never tasted so good!

13. Fresh fruit – Everywhere.  This has been all over Southeast Asia and has become a staple to our diet here.  From fresh squeezed passion fruit juice to skewered pineapple, it’s always delightful and readily available.  

Indulging in a bottle of passion fruit juice in Bangkok.
Not only is the fruit delicious but the presentation is on point!

We have had countless other exquisite dishes however, these were just a small sampling of some of our most memorable ones and the ones that will be missed dearly.  Do you have any meals or foods that remind you of a particular area? 

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