No Rest for the Weary

And so it begins, month five of our adventure.  I would be lying if I said we were still feeling on top of the world.  Chase is currently suffering from yet another stomach bug and we are completely exhausted.  Traveling full time, while incredibly educational and life-changing, is taxing on both the mind and the body.  (It’s also really hard on your gear.  I’ve destroyed three pair of shoes, a pair of pants, sunglasses, a few shirts, and my backpack!  Oh, and I lost my wallet, my passport, and a bag full of souvenirs.)

As I mentioned, Chase is currently ill which made an already demanding travel day, even more difficult.  He was a trooper through it all.  Three hour mini-bus ride, passport control in Thailand, two hour ferry ride, passport control in Malaysia, lots of waiting (due to my temporary passport, getting into new countries always turns into quite an ordeal), and one final crazy taxi ride.  He is finally getting some (much needed) rest.   

Chase after being sick on a long travel day.

I’ve been feeling extremely tired with very little energy.  Those of you who know me are aware of how out of character this is.  Naps have become a staple to our days which again, is not like us at all.  We are typically “rise with the sun” type of people and we don’t stop moving until it is time for bed.  We like to suck the life out of a day but lately, it’s been the other way around.  The days are sucking the life out of us.  

Feeling a bit worn out.

We have a few more weeks left on our Asian adventure and we plan to make the most of it.  It is getting a bit toilsome though, I’m just being real. I know that we will miss all of this shortly after sitting still for a minute.  However, at this very moment in life, we are craving a bit of consistency.  Personally, I am yearning for some healthy meals and a regular workout routine.  These fried meals and treats have been delicious but I am sick of them!  I feel down right lousy after eating horribly for so long. (Although, I will have at least one Mexican meal and one southern meal before going back to my clean-eating self.). Chase, on the other hand, talks almost daily about how he cannot wait to have some fried potatoes, macaroni & cheese, a big ole cheeseburger, and for Robert to grill him his famous sausage platter.  

Homemade guacamole and pico…….yes please!!

So yes, we’ll go out with a bang these next few weeks.  We will try to soak up every ounce of adventure that we can handle.  And WHEN (not if) we get antsy shortly after our arrival back into the States, please feel free to refer us back to this post! 

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