Child’s Play

If you are around children for even the shortest amount of time it’s easy to notice their zeal for life.  Each experience is approached with courage and curiousity.  Their days are full of wonder and excitement.  Situations may not end exactly as they had planned which could ensue a bit of a fit.  However, a valuable lesson is almost always learned.  

We’ve realized that traveling overseas is strikingly similar to being a kid.  We are unable to read or write or speak much (if any) of the language.  Our main communication is generally done through pointing or showing photos.  We have to trust what others are telling us and pray that they won’t lead us astray.  We’re never exactly sure of what we are eating or if we are headed in the right direction.  We seek out things that are familiar when we get overwhelmed and I’m known to call my momma at the first sign of distress.  Sometimes, things go completely different than expected and yes, we may even throw the occasional fit. 

 But still, even the worst of days are filled with wonder and excitement.  They are full of countless opportunities to learn and grow.  And the best of days, wow!  The best of days are spent tasting every new thing we see and taking naps by the river.  They are spent sipping coffee with new friends and sharing tales from the road.  They are spent running wildly through foreign mountains, pausing for silly photo opportunities or to befriend a stray dog.  Every new day is a new adventure. I’m thankful for this reawakened child-like spirit, this heightened sense of curiousity, and the ability to do all of it with my very best friend.  

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