Prescribed Rest

Rest days are incredibly important.  Whether it be from the gym or just life in general, they are vital to success. I’ll admit, even in knowing this, I’m awful at taking them.  I push myself to complete exhaustion before stopping.  My typical rationalization is, “I’ll rest after….” But there is ALWAYS something that comes after.  Luckily, Chase enjoys going just as hard I do however, he is better about actually slowing down when his body tells him to do so.  

We just ended what we considered a “mini-vacation” from our travels.  We booked a bit of a nicer place which included a kitchen, a washing machine, and a couch.  These things may seem simple but they are amenities that we have missed while traveling.  It felt incredible to cook every single meal and not be surprised at what it may taste like.  Laundry wasn’t stressful because we weren’t worried if we would return with the same amount of clothes we dropped off.  And to have somewhere to sit other than a bed was so relaxing!  There was also a gym, pool, convenience store, and coffee joint on the premises so we didn’t even have to leave our immediate surroundings if we didn’t want to.  The entire week felt like a retreat and it was much needed!  We soaked up every ounce of it and are feeling rejuvenated and excited to continue our travels.  

Home cooked breakfast.
Chase working his magic.

Some of you may be like me, only stopping when there is really no other choice.  Hopefully you have someone who can balance that out a bit.  Not only is my body rested but my mind is, as well.  It truly has made all of the difference.  

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