Cambodian Chaos 

I lost my passport….in Cambodia….on Christmas day.  Ever have a day like this?  It was a particularly rough one for me; one that has many more twists and turns.  For instance, we went to the police station in Kampot to make a report only to be told they wouldn’t help us.  We paid for new … More Cambodian Chaos 

Well Played 

Optimism: noun 1. a disposition or tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome. 2. the belief that good ultimately predominates over evil in the world. “Believe there is good in the world.”  I’ve always liked this phrase and I try to begin each … More Well Played 

Child’s Play

If you are around children for even the shortest amount of time it’s easy to notice their zeal for life.  Each experience is approached with courage and curiousity.  Their days are full of wonder and excitement.  Situations may not end exactly as they had planned which could ensue a bit of a fit.  However, a … More Child’s Play


Before leaving the states I was talking to someone about our upcoming adventure.  Her response to my rambling, “Oh, so you suffer from wanderlust?” This was a confusing question to me.  I had never considered wanderlust a sufferage.  Plus, I am the type of person who puts a positive spin on most things.  I don’t … More Wanderlust

Prescribed Rest

Rest days are incredibly important.  Whether it be from the gym or just life in general, they are vital to success. I’ll admit, even in knowing this, I’m awful at taking them.  I push myself to complete exhaustion before stopping.  My typical rationalization is, “I’ll rest after….” But there is ALWAYS something that comes after. … More Prescribed Rest