Parks and Satiation 

We’re nearing the end of month number two on our adventure.  Many things have become easier; eating healthy and working out are not on that list.  Working out is difficult because there aren’t many gyms around and we are sick of our resistance bands workouts.  They are somewhat effective, just rather boring after doing them every single day.  The fact that they are normally done in our hotel room doesn’t help matters.  Eating healthy, I’ve almost given up on this one completely.  Every meal we eat is prepared by someone else so we have no idea of what is being used.  Also, it’s surprisingly difficult to find meals with only plain proteins and veggies.  If it hasn’t been deep fried or covered in some random sauce, then it tends to be rather expensive, for our small budget anyway.  I’ve been eating LOTS of eggs and tuna but there are some days that consist solely of carbs.  Chase continually says, “Just go with it.  We’ll eat healthy when we get home.”  However, I’ve even heard him say that he would kill for some chicken and veggies.  

Chase enjoying deep fried potatoes on a stick.
Deep fried everything. Notice those enormous donuts!

Anytime we are staying in an area with a gym nearby we make it a point to go.  Some may think it’s a silly thing to spend money on, especially on such a limited budget.  But this is something the both of us enjoy and it always makes us feel better.  We’ve also began to realize that when we have to do a band workout, it is best if we leave the room.  Knowing we have to leave forces us to get up and simply being in a different location seems to give us more motivation.  Parks are a perfect spot to do a workout.  The equipment is sturdy and your inner kid comes out as you swing through the monkey bars.  It also helps that everything is just the right size for the vertically challenged two of us.

Monkey bar pull-ups.
Chase wearing a pack for extra weight.
Getting creative.
Those biceps though…
While this drastic lifestyle change has been troublesome at times, especially for me, it has also been a nice break; somewhat of a reset.  Rather than spending numerous hours a week training and meal prepping, we’re hiking through jungles and sampling foreign street food.  We’re pushing our bodies differently and adapting to the life of a “flashpacker.” Our bodies are changing but so are our hearts and minds.  

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