Cultivate Kindness

Chase and I have been traveling for a little over a month now.  There’s not much consistency in our day to day routine which is completely opposite of how we live at home.  However, we have noticed one similarity at every single place we have been, thus far.  That one thing is kindness.  

The people here have gone out of their way to make sure we feel welcomed in their country.  Children say hello and ask for high fives.  The men will say, “Do you like our country?” Girls will giggle as they walk past Chase.  Several times a day we are stopped and asked if we mind to have our photo taken.  Almost all of them apologize because, “Their english isn’t too good.” (Their words, not mine.  I am impressed at how well they can speak to me and embarrassed that I don’t know more of THEIR language.) They all ask where we are from and seem star struck when we say, “America.”  The typical response has been, “Wow…so far! So much power!  One day I hope to go to America.”  

Migi from the Garden Inn, Bukit Lawang.
Look at the excitement when we agreed to take a photo.
Girls at Borobudur Temple that asked for our photo.

Although interactions such as these occur multiple times a day, we are still not accustomed to them.  Like all of my travels to foreign lands, this one has been an incredibly humbling experience.  I have felt nothing but love and kindness from the people here.  It has encouraged me to be more helpful, more understanding, and more patient.  I want to uplift others, strengthen them, and greet all those I meet with a smile.  I urge you to do the same thing; not just because of what is currently going on at home but because it truly does make the world a better place!

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