Displacing Differences

Today we did something we’ve often wondered about but never thought we would actually do.  Today we toured the “Masjid Negara,” the National Mosque of Malaysia.  Our feelings upon entering were mixed.  We were excited, anxious, and probably even a little scared.  Not afraid of what may happen to us but more, “fear of the … More Displacing Differences


This trip has found us in some interesting situations.  Shortly after landing in Indonesia we realized that if something was worth seeing, we were almost guaranteed a misery-filled journey.  We also became aware that traveling throughout this marvelous country is pretty difficult as everything is spread out and the infrastructure is very poor.  There have … More Sufferfest

Cultivate Kindness

Chase and I have been traveling for a little over a month now.  There’s not much consistency in our day to day routine which is completely opposite of how we live at home.  However, we have noticed one similarity at every single place we have been, thus far.  That one thing is kindness.   The … More Cultivate Kindness

Riding Dirty

Riding a motorcycle has always been one of those activities that I highly anticipate.  Although during the ride itself, I am so anxious for it to be over.  Afterwards I feel as though I have barely escaped the jaws of death or dismemberment.  The only person that I have ever felt comfortable riding with was … More Riding Dirty

Missing Out

Like so many others, fall is my most favorite time of year.  It is the beginning of countless celebrations, traditions, camping trips, etc.  For me, regardless of what it feels like outside, fall begins with a caramel apple at the annual county fair and it only gets better from there!  There’s birthday parties (mine, mom’s … More Missing Out