Gratitude for Everything New

I’m lying on a beach in Bali watching my husband surf.  Occasionally a vendor will approach me, offering almost anything my heart could desire.  If that particular individual doesn’t have what I want, they will find someone who does.  There’s the perfect breeze blowing in off the ocean.  I can hear the waves crashing and languages being spoken from all around the world.  This scenario sounds like something from a movie and at times it feels that way.  I constantly remind myself that this is my life and I better soak up every ounce of it I can.

When traveling, not all days feel this incredible.  With each new place comes new challenges.  Tasks such as doing laundry or buying fruit can be difficult.  Learning something new, regardless of what it is, can be daunting.  In this situation we are learning something each and every day.  Every direction we head is somewhere we’ve never been before and no matter what direction we go,  there will be more challenges.  Every single ‘obstacle’ we encounter, whether it be ordering food in another language or haggling with a street vendor, is just another opportunity for us to learn.  Our lives are changing drastically and I’m anxious to see the type of people that emerge from this adventure. 

I pray that we can take away valuable lessons from each experience.  That we don’t take things too seriously and see the joy in even the toughest times.  That we learn and grow from our mistakes and even laugh at them down the road.  I hope to show only kindness and love and that others feel our gratitude for changing our lives forever.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude for Everything New

  1. Living vicariously through your blog… you continue to inspire me to be bette,r to do better, but, most of all to love my self!!! It was an honor and a blessing to have you dropped into my path like a ray of sun. God knows just what we need and who we need where we need it. Safe travels

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