Reason to Rescue

You know those days when everything is perfectly planned and then one thing occurs and your day ends up drastically different than you had imagined?  Today, was one of those days.  Chase and I had every intention of relaxing.  A beard trim for Chase, a quick stroll around the palace, blogging and research, then finish of the day with a nice massage.  Everything changed when we met this little fella.

He couldn’t be more than a few weeks old.  He was clearly lost and continually crying out for his momma.  We searched the area but the mother was nowhere to be found.  A family yelled for us to take it, they didn’t want it anyway.  A quick backstory on Chase and me; we both adore animals.  If either of us see a stray, we pick it up and find it a home as we cannot stand to see an animal suffer.  For example, we visited a shelter here in Ubud called BARC.  Funds we had allocated for an activity, we ended up donating to them.  

After many tears and a quick discussion over our options, I’m sure you could have guessed, that sweet kitten was coming with us.  Chase knew I could never forgive myself if I left this little guy to suffer (I’m so thankful Chase is as tender hearted as I am).  The shelter we had visited earlier was only a 30 minute walk, our relaxing day could wait.  Many people here in Bali do not like cats so we received many strange looks and comments on our trek to the shelter.  

Upon arrival at the shelter we learned they only accepted dogs but they recommended another shelter called Villa Kitty… 30 more minutes on foot in the hot sun.  We had come this far, no use in stopping now (have I mentioned how thankful I am for Chase and his animal loving spirit?).  When we arrived at Villa Kitty they welcomed us and our sweet little kitten.  They immediately began checking his vitals and feeding him.

During this process we were able to learn so much about this organization and realized we had come to the perfect spot.  The staff was friendly, attentive, and informative.  The stray animal situation is depressing here in Bali and we are so thankful for organizations such as this one who are willing to be a part of the solution.  You can check Villa Kitty out on Facebook here.

While our relaxing day was anything but, both of us left with full hearts in knowing we did what we felt was right.  Our original plans changed drastically yet it ended up being one of our favorite days in Ubud.

3 thoughts on “Reason to Rescue

  1. what a wonderful day … kitty rescue always pumps my heart full and makes the day seem more vivid … i don’t know how to send a pic of the big headed tiger striped cat that has taken over our carport but what he lackes in size he makes up for it in attitude.. wild eyed ,, ears fanned slightly back.. ready for anything .. always on a alert .. ate my last burrito i left in the truck yesterday … any opportunity is totally exploited
    — put a cat door in for him but he refuses ,,, very independent,, guess we may adopt .. that will make 3 …
    so much love for u both and the incredible life u are living



    1. The animal situation here has me (Britt) in tears almost daily. You would be proud our your son and the love he shows. He literally carried this cat for hours just to make sure he had a proper home.


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