Our Time in Legian, Bali 

Time is a funny and complex thing. It feels like we’ve been gone for so long and like we just got here. We both agree however, that it is moving incredibly quickly. Our time in Legian has come  to an end and while we’re anxious to see something new, it is still bittersweet leaving this little beach town behind. We’ve been in this particular area for a week and while there’s always more one could do, we took this city at a pace that felt right for us. Some days were spent exploring and others, like today, were spent relaxing and recovering. Life is a balance and it is important to remember (for us especially) that sometimes the best way to spend a day is resting.  

Our week began by meeting our absolutely incredible Airbnb host, Tom. Side note, we love Airbnb! It enables one to experience a culture and if you find the right host, they can make your stay even better. We got incredibly lucky with this one! Not only has our host gone above and beyond, but our place could not have been better. Tom has told us all about his  favorite spots and sent us a detailed map of the area. His family has helped us begin our journey in the most perfect of ways!  https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1249123

Chase and I jump into things quickly so rather than resting after four days of travel we unpacked our belongings and begin exploring. The area around Jayakarta is flooded with restaurants, bars, markets, etc. so there was plenty to see. Every restaurant has a menu outside which is helpful in deciding what/where to eat. A quick trip to the Bintang market got us stocked upon snacks. Also, there is a place to get a SIM card right outside which is very convenient. 

If you’re in this area you are probably aware of the beaches. The second you step on the sand you will be offered anything from fruit to speakers and everything in between. These folks love to bargain and will always make a deal. The haggling can be a bit much at first but you quickly become accustomed to it. Make friends with a few and they will make sure you are taken care of. Although the sea was constantly beckoning us, we tried to remember to take breaks during the hottest parts of the day. That Bali sun doesn’t play around! Our place had a few pools and ample trees so when the beach became too much, we would cool off in those. There are all sorts of snacks to try if you’re hungry. One of my favorites was the grilled corn and Chase enjoyed the satay. These options were cheap and tasty!

Tons of daytrips can be taken from this area. We chose to walk via the beach to Seminak which only took about 30 minutes. If walking isn’t your thing there are hoards of people offering rides. Taxis, buses, and scooters abound! You’ll find plenty to do around Seminyak. Chase and I thought it seemed expensive but with is being so touristy, that’s expected. 

From Seminyak we used “Grab Up” and got a ride to Purah Tanah Lot. The ride took about 30 minutes the views were fabulous. Both of us enjoyed seeing the varying landscapes. Our driver was very informative and shared stories about the area. Grab Up was much cheaper than a taxi. We paid 150,000 IDR and our driver not only gave us a ride to and from but also waited outside for us while we explored the temple grounds.

While we didn’t venture into the main temple as it was high tide, it was still a beautiful sight. We also walked around to see the other temples and the little shops along the way. This is one of those places where you could see everything in a little over an hour or spend half a day. It really just depends on the experience you are wanting.  

If surfing has been on your bucket list, this is a great place to learn! There are various surf schools in the area but we chose to use one of the beach vendors. While I’m sure our lessons weren’t as in depth as a lesson at say, Quiksilver, we both learned the basic points and were standing up after a few tries. Chase turned out to be a natural! For us the beach vendor was the best option based on price alone. If money isn’t a worry, I’m sure the schools are wonderful.

Most of our nights were spent on the beach enjoying a cold Bintang beer. Watching the sunset is something everyone does here; it becomes a huge event. Beanbag chairs and tables are brought out and everyone has a Bintang in hand. It’s honestly the perfect ending to a hot day.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re here to relax (massage on the beach anyone?!) Or shop and dine until your heart is content, this area has something to offer everyone. A few day trips mixed in with beach and relaxation days have been the perfect spot to begin our time in Indonesia.    

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