Lifestyle Maintenance 

When planning a trip, many folks worry about their flights, accommodations, safety, etc.  For Chase and I a big concern was where/how we would be able to work out and the meals we would be eating.  An enormous part of our life is devoted to being/staying healthy and active.  We work out daily and each meal is prepared according to the macros we need to hit.  How would we be able to implement this lifestyle into our upcoming journey?

First, we knew we couldn’t be as regimented as before.  Workouts would still be a priority but they would have to be drastically different.  We could still make healthy food choices but also partake in local cuisine experiences as they came our way.  Learning to be much more flexible has been a challenge but it has also been a nice break from the strictness of it all.

Before leaving we purchased a few resistance bands. ( There are numerous exercises you can do with these and they are surprisingly tough!  Besides the versatility they provide, these bands are also lightweight and easy to pack.  Therefore, a great piece of workout equipment to use while traveling.  We get plenty of cardio with our daily walks to various sights but I cannot resist a relaxing run on the beach.  On days when we aren’t doing a lot of exploring I will go for a short jog and on occasion I can talk Chase into going with me!

img_0107      img_0108

Food/eating correctly has been more of a challenge.  At home we only ate out once a week.  Here, it is a daily thing.  Since we don’t have a kitchen, meal prepping is out of the question.  We have no clue as to how the meals from restaurants are being prepared so we are unable to know exactly what is going into our bodies.  When choosing a meal we always try to look for something with a lean meat and a veggie.  That being said, we will also treat ourselves.  We are in a foreign land and are not going to constantly restrict ourselves.  Eating the local cusine is a huge part of a culture and not something that I am willing to sacrifice and give up completely.  We have learned various ways to cook eggs in a microwave and this has been a great discovery!  Now we have eggs a toast every morning.  A healthy and cheap breakfast!

img_0113     img_0114 img_0115
It is a work in progress and it is only the beginning.  We will post more as we gain additional knowledge and get more ideas.  We will also post various workouts in order to help any of you out there who have the same struggle as we do.  We’re open to suggestions!  Any ideas you would like to pass along, we would love to hear from you!

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