Travel Daze

Jet lag – noun; a tired and unpleasant feeling that you sometimes get when you travel by airplane to a place that is far away. (Miriam-Webster Dictionary)

If I was unclear of this definition before, I am definitely aware of it now.  After four days of travel we have finally arrived in Indonesia but we are feeling rough.  We are also feeling excited, hungry, tired, wide awake, grumpy, delirious….CONFUSED!  I would be lying if I said the thought of, “What the heck are we doing,” hadn’t crossed my mind, on more than one occasion.  Like the time we had already paid for a hotel yet had to ‘sleep’ in the airport.  Or that time we passed by every every single food joint because nothing looked all that appealing, only to realize they were all closing soon so came back empty handed.  Those moments were hard ones to swallow.



Travel days are exhausting enough but when you add in little to no food and no sleep (68 hours at one point), they are downright miserable.  Normal tasks become incredibly difficult and the tiniest things set you off.  Luckily, Chase and I have managed for at least one of us to remain positive even when it felt as though things couldn’t get worse.  We aren’t having meltdowns at the same time which has been very convenient.  We have learned how to take turns at being the positive one, which may sound silly but is so true.  When Chase would notice me getting overwhelmed he would remind me of our destination and when he would be feeling down I would remind him of a funny moment that had happened earlier in the day.  I am so thankful that we have one another for this adventure and the everyday adventure of life.  Four days in and already countless stories and life lessons!


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