Goodbyes suck.  There’s really no better way for me to put it.  Chase is pretty graceful with goodbyes and they tend to be fairly nonchalant.  A simple hug and a, “See ya later,” and he’s set.  There’s no big fuss about it.

Me, on the other hand, I’m a blubbering mess.  Sobbing, gasping for air, body shaking, it’s a ridiculous sight.  For some reason, one goodbye is never enough.  I put myself through this same torturous event over and over again by telling the same people goodbye multiple times.  It has been this way for me for as long as I can remember.  I feel an actual pain deep inside my should when I have to say goodbye.  Chase once asked me how I can leave so often when there is so much pain associated with it.  The only answer I can come up with is that it hurts even worse for my soul to sit still.  God blessed/cursed me with a wandering heart so I might as well see what is out there!

We’ve said farewell to lots of folks over the past few days and it was the same scenario every time; tears, hugs, more tears, etc.  Thank you to everyone for supporting us and loving us the way you do.  We both are aware that we wouldn’t be where we are without each and every one of you.  God bless and we will see you soon!!


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